[TxMt] sorting in symbol popup

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 05:57:08 UTC 2005

Allan has mentioned he still has a lot of features planned for the Go
To Symbol popup.  One I am very eager about is a way to start typing
to filter down the synbol list (like Go To File).  Not sure when these
features will arrive.

Before Go To Symbol I helped put together a similar thing which
displays html or shell output, in a keyboard-navigatable list.  You
can find it by syncing to the subversion Bundles then looking in Run
Command > Defaults > Special Items [...].  There is a "Sorted" command
which does what you were asking.  You will probably want to map it to
a key equivalent in your custom bundle.

I'm not really doing more work on this because of Go To Symbol but I
find myself going back to using it because I too like things
alphabetized (esp. when working on my co-workers' un-alphabetized,
unruly class files -- no names need to be mentioned).  I also like to
see method visibility.


On 7/5/05, Matt Mower <matt.mower at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/5/05, Chris Jenkins <chrisjenkins at mac.com> wrote:
> > first let me just say how much I am appreciating the "go to symbol"
> > popup, a real timesaver and so much nicer than my hand made version,
> > however I am wondering whether it would be possible to somehow
> > specify the ordering of this list? For me, using large-ish class
> > files it lists all the functions (which is good), but it would be
> > nice to have these in alphabetical order as opposed to the order in
> > which they occur in the file. I can image that this isn't the way
> > that everyone would want it, maybe some sort of preference or syntax
> > file option would work? Do you have anything of this nature planned?
> >
> I thought exactly the same thing yesterday when I tried it for the
> first time: "it's neat, but there are wayyy too many symbols here for
> me to find the one I wanted"
> I'd like to see them sorted alphabetically with type-as-you-go searching.
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