[TxMt] Enhancement Request: Visible files in a project

Robert M.Zigweid rzigweid at zigweid.net
Thu Jul 7 11:33:31 UTC 2005

This would affect directory based projects.  It would be convenient  
to be able to change/set which files in the structure are ignored or  

This could be based on an individual file.
This could be based on (perhaps) a regular expression.

For example, I might not want to ignore all of the '.' files which I  
don't appear to see now. (This is an understandable default.  They  
are 'hidden' afterall.)  But I also am very unlikely to want to see  
any '.pyc' files in my projects.  Ditto for .class, .o, etc.

Robert M. Zigweid                    http://robert.zigweid.net
rzigweid at zigweid.net

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