[TxMt] PHP Bundle

kumar mcmillan kmcmillan at leapfrogonline.com
Fri Feb 25 22:52:20 UTC 2005

For anyone interested, I updated the PHP Documentor snippets and added 
them to the SVN repos (in PHP.tmbundle).  The snippet "phpdoc_u" prints 
usage and explains the updates I made (i.e. you now use TextMate shell 
variables to set @author/@copyright defaults).

FYI Matteo : I have an svn account now, so I will help out with any 
changes needed for the PHP bundle ... as TextMate/PHP evolve.  You 
mentioned you had some other ideas for macros/snippets ... just thought 
I would add these snippets in as-is, for convenience of distribution.  
They are always up for improvement or abstraction.


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