[TxMt] adding a bundle

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 21:07:19 UTC 2005

On 23 Feb 2005, at 20:05, eoghan wrote:
>> Double-click the PHP.tmbundle should work, although there is a PHP 
>> bundle installed by default.
> There is a php bundle in my bundle editor, but theres nothing in it... 
> except PHP and HTML (PHP) - both of which dont have anything in 
> them... I guess I need to get subversion as just suggested to get the 
> bundle?

Ah, I understand. The installed default PHP.tmbundle (and the 
Subversion version is the same onel) only contains the Syntax 
highlighting files for PHP.

I've reworked the basic PHP bundle to my own liking with loads of 
timesaving snippets and commands. Unfortunately, it's not really of 
much use for others unless you happen to code with my code :)  Will try 
to create a generic bundle, been meaning to do so for a while, but 
haven't got around to it yet.

You can easily create your own snippets/commands to your own liking. 
Read more about it in the TM Help menu and/or in the Mailing list 
archives. here.  Give it a go, and although things might seem a bit 
daunting/confusing to start with, once you understand *how* TM works 
with snippets/commands/templates you will begin to wonder how you 
managed to survive without TM before. I can honestly say that I have 
never been more efficient or had a better time coding since I started 
doing 7-8 years ago !!

Any other questions come back and we'll see what we can help you with.

Kind regards,


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