[TxMt] Web preview is a cool idea but useless?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Tue Feb 22 11:16:00 UTC 2005

On Feb 22, 2005, at 6:25, Bruno Bronosky wrote:

> I think that might have been a little harsh.

I'm glad that you do not think my time was completely wasted then! :)

> What I mean is this:  The web preview works awesome for real time  
> viewing of html code.  I am amazed.  Really.  But, I don't know anyone  
> who write HTML anymore.

I use the preview myself a lot -- I often write small pieces of HTML  
(e.g. when posting online) where I mainly just want to ensure that my  
formatting is correct, and for that I use the preview. Though I rarely  
use the “live” feature of it.

It also happens at times that I have a HTML snippet that I just want to  
view w/o having to create, save, and load a file in my browser.

> Sometimes to make a Smarty Template, I'll write HTML and then retrofit  
> it, but usually not.  The web preview needs to be able to read from a  
> valid URI, like

Yes, this is on the to-do. But I think that people who need this, would  
probably still prefer a real browser even with this feature. But I am  
aware that the web-preview has fallen a little behind with regard to  
the requests I have received for it.

> I would at least like to find a solution to get Safari and/or Firefox  
> to refresh on save.  But I think the built in tool using webkit would  
> be coolest.  Has anyone figured this out?

You may want to use Stakeout [1] for that. It can monitor a file and  
e.g. perform an action when the file is saved (which would be to send  
reload to Safari/Firefox).


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