[TxMt] New TM Doc in Finder Contextal Menu. Any ideas ??

Fred B. fredb7 at starflam.com
Mon Feb 21 08:20:12 UTC 2005

Mail is bouncing back from Allan address,

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<allan at macromates.com>
     (reason: 550 Error: Your email program uses "=20" instead of 
spaces. Please correct this (try setting your mail program to use plain 
text) and resend your message.)

But this was plaintext... Weird.
Might be because of the plist included, so I replaced it with a link 
and resend it to the list (and to you Allan, just to test), sorry if 
you already had it.

On 19 févr. 05, at 18:47, Eric Hsu wrote:
> Also, I have submitted Fred's alternate contextual menu to the svn 
> server at http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/trunk/Tools/CM/
> so people can have their pick!  Fred, let me know if you don't want it 
> part of the distribution.

No problem, of course.
But could you put my last version, 

There's no need to edit paths anymore (I use /usr/bin/ruby) and I added 
a few "Commands for BBEdit and other editors" adaptations for TM.

I won't use most of them, but they might be useful to someone.
Plus, I think It's good to have equivalent versions for TM.

Till now, there is:

-New TextMate file here
-New TextMate file here with Clipboard text
-Edit in TextMate
-Open selected text in TextMate
-Set type and creator to TextMate
-Edit OMC commands in TextMate
-List folder content in TextMate
-List pkg content in TextMate

Maybe Allan could give me svn access so I could update those and add 
new commands?

Eric, I could include your commands and mine in the same  plist, update 
the readme, etc. What do you think?

Then I could send them to be included in "officials" OMC commands.

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