[TxMt] Re: req: command output to contextual menu

max at machinate.org max at machinate.org
Sun Feb 20 13:27:22 UTC 2005

Maybe it would be a bit harder than I thought to make it backwards
compatible. Keep thinking about it though.

The reason I asked for it in the first place is that I was making a script
to insert filenames into textmate, a bit like pressing tab in terminal.
Sometimes I would get more than one result, and I wanted those to appear in
a list. Now I've been thinking about it though, it might be a nice thing to
have this behaviour built into Textmate.

An example would be that if you typed in an html document: "href='i" and
then pressed tab, you could invoke a menu which showed files matching 'i.*'.
It could even be multi-dimensional as in my included mock-up.


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