[TxMt] Req: Compare docs-Diff

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Feb 18 14:35:15 UTC 2005

On Feb 17, 2005, at 16:43, Fred B. wrote:

> Actually, I use TextMate for everything text-related except one thing: 
> comparing two document(Diff).
> Unfortunately I need this feature a lot. For me, this is "The Last Big 
> Thing" that TM misses.
> [...] So, my question is:
> Do you plan to implement this in TM, Allan?
> If the answer is yes, any idea when we might expect this?

I must confess that I do not fully understand why a diff tool needs to 
be built into a text editor. Was it the missing ability to edit the 
merged file in File Merge that made this tool unusable?

At present time I have no plans of adding this feature mainly because 
a) I haven't fully understood the need to have it built in (i.e. a 
third party could write the tool if e.g. File Merge isn't sufficient) 
and b) there are many pending things that needs to built in (i.e. a 
third party cannot supply these things), so these have higher priority.

But I do see several people mention the diff thing, so it's not out of 
the question that I may see the advantages of having it built in, but 
then we're talking 1.3.

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