[TxMt] Req: Compare docs-Diff

Eric Hsu erichsu at math.sfsu.edu
Fri Feb 18 00:15:56 UTC 2005

At 12:28 AM +0100 2/18/05, Fred B. wrote:
>Yeah, but do you see the difference between this solution and 
>BBEdit/TW or even FileMerge's one?
>Even with links to the files as Eric Hsu proposed this would still 
>not be as good as my actual solution.
>It's much more easier to see the differences and edit them in the 
>"real" files, with only an highlight of the selected difference, not 
>all the "diff" messages.

I think this might be possible if Allan added a feature to txmt:// 
that allowed one to not only jump to a line and character, but also 
to select a range.  And better yet, allow a URL to call a command. 
But this is probably a few versions down the road.

By the way, I do think BBEdit's diff is pretty good (I bought it a 
few versions back), possibly their best feature. I think that and 
Palettes are the main features distinguishing it from TM at the 

- Eric
Eric Hsu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Francisco State University
erichsu at math.sfsu.edu

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