[TxMt] Small feature request: Show full path of file somewhere

Lars Hoss woeye at mac.com
Thu Feb 17 14:34:16 UTC 2005


> A quick thought I had is that the file path could be kept as short as 
> possible by showing it to the point where it becomes unique. So 
> instead of the full path:
> /Users/Simon/Documents/Code/AS/org/helvector/date/util/Compare.as
> /Users/Simon/Documents/Code/AS/org/helvector/currency/util/Compare.as
> they're cut down to
> date/util/Compare.as
> currency/util/Compare.as

Good idea! I've already seen this somewhere but forgot where.


"Stil ist die Fähigkeit, komplizierte Dinge einfach zu sagen - nicht 
umgekehrt." -- Cocteau, Jean

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