[TxMt] Small feature request: transpose two characters

Tom Lazar tom at tomster.org
Thu Feb 17 12:06:10 UTC 2005

On 17.02.2005, at 12:54, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Thanks! And just for the records; you do not need a PayPal account. 
> Follow the “Click Here” link (for not having an account) and it's 
> possible to pay with normal credit card (although the text doesn't 
> make it sound like it).

oh, that's cool. indeed i hadn't realised this. you really might want 
to point that out a little bit more. for me that paypal thing was 
holding me back, perhaps there are others who think likewise and you 
wouldn't want to pass up on their money ;-)

best regards,


Tom Lazar, http://tomster.org

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