[TxMt] Command Newbie needs help

Eric Hsu erichsu at math.sfsu.edu
Thu Feb 17 06:26:55 UTC 2005

At 1:03 AM -0500 2/17/05, saul rosenbaum wrote:
>Not such a dumb suggestion -- cause I have no idea how to do that... 
>have a step by step?

If your markdown.pl lives at (say) /usr/local/bin/markdown.pl, you need to run

chmod +x  /usr/local/bin/markdown.pl

The +x sets the 'execute' flag so the shell knows to try to run what 
looks like a text file. Otherwise, you need to run it with "perl 

You can check if you did it right by running

/usr/local/bin/markdown.pl -v

from the shell. If you get a version, you should be okay from TM. If 
you get the permission denied thing, you probably messed up the chmod 
+x. You can check the file flags with

ls -l /usr/local/bin/markdown.pl

which should give you some r,w,x and - signs all grouped at the 
front.  If there are some x's then you set the flags correctly.  For 
instance, mine looks like "-rwxr-xr-x".

Hope that's helpful.  - Eric
Eric Hsu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Francisco State University
erichsu at math.sfsu.edu

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