[TxMt] Command Newbie needs help

Tim Martens tim at splashdesign.com
Wed Feb 16 21:01:10 UTC 2005

On Feb 16, 2005, at 1:31 AM, saul rosenbaum wrote:

> Howdy;
> I like many of ya'll switched from BBedit to textMate, and love it, I 
> can really use some help getting 'SmartyPants' and Markdown runnning 
> (I got HTML Tidy going) how exactly do I get a PERL script running?


+ Select the Markdown/Smarty Pants text want to convert, or (if it's 
the whole document) skip this step
+ Hit Option+Shift+R to launch the "Filter Through Command..." dialogue
+ Place the path to your markdown.pl or SmartyPants.pl in the "Command" 
field/pull-down (mine's in "/usr/local/bin/markdown.pl")
+ Choose "Selection" or "Document" for Input
+ Choose your Output option. I usually do "Replace selection," "Replace 
document" or "Place on clipboard"
+ Make sure you have your safety goggles on  :)
+ Click "Execute"

Hope this helps. This could easily be made into a Macro as well.

OT: how did you get HTMLtidy working?


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