[TxMt] HTML output ideas

Eric Hsu erichsu at math.sfsu.edu
Sat Feb 12 03:12:49 UTC 2005

Boy, you give us a little HTML and some of us want more. Here are two 
ideas for the HTML Output.  Version 3.0? anyway, here they are...

1. Let txmt:// handle commands/snippets/etc and send them to existing 
windows.  I don't know how hard that would be.

2. Somehow let commands process the results of an HTML form.  Not 
100% sure how this could work, but I'm imagining being able to set 
form action=txmt://...

The upshot of #1 is that you would have a mini-Dashboard in TM. 
People could hack out command palettes of all kinds.  #2 would add 
even more flexibility.

These brainstorms are the result of me wanting floating command 
palettes and trying to think of a good interface for my 'Edit 
Filenames in TM' contextual menu...

- Eric
Eric Hsu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Francisco State University
erichsu at math.sfsu.edu

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