[TxMt] Brainstorming Icons

Nick Hristov nick.hristov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 17:50:38 UTC 2005

Not bad, except for the rendition does not look like a document.

I would also go with a white, semi-translucent cog wheel.


On Feb 10, 2005, at 11:39 AM, James Edward Gray II wrote:

> I took my own stab at an icon this morning, after reading Apple's 
> Guidelines.  It didn't turn out at nice as anything that's been 
> presented here already, but I decided to post it anyway in case it 
> gives someone with more talent than me any ideas.
> http://www.grayproductions.net/ruby/images/TextMate_Icon.png
> In my defense, it looked a lot better when I was still playing with it 
> at large sizes in the ray tracer.  :)  You could almost read the code 
> and you could see the brushed metals.  Ah well, it seemed like a good 
> idea at the time.
> James Edward Gray II
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