[TxMt] Re: TM Icon Poll [Bartelme vs Ethan v3]

Geir Bækholt lists at elvix.com
Thu Feb 10 09:25:10 UTC 2005

Chris Ruzin wrote:
> Michael Gregoire wrote:
>>Just to state the obvious. "Apple Guidelines" are just that, guidlines.
>>Not rules.
>>Remember that an icon is an ICON. It needs to be iconic. That's why the
>>most recent icon works the best IMO.
> IMO, the latest gear icon from Ethan isn't as professional looking as his
> previous incarnation of the gear. The drop shadow is cropped.  The edge of
> the gear is all black, instead of shaded purple, which gives it a cheaper,
> more cartoony look.  Perhaps Ethan just submitted an early vision of what
> the icon will look like?

After lurking on this list for a while, i simply cannot keep my mouth 
shut anymore..
IMHO, there has only been one icon until now that truly works and scales 
and stands out in the crowd - the simplest and most polished of them all.

( Sorry, Ethan, the version 3 - 3D-thing looks like something for MS 
Windows. go back to the polished approach, please, please)

Just my 2¢


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