[TxMt] Re: Re: TM Icon Poll [Bartelme vs Ethan v3]

Chris Ruzin cruzin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:19:43 UTC 2005

Michael Gregoire wrote:

> Just to state the obvious. "Apple Guidelines" are just that, guidlines.
> Not rules.
> Remember that an icon is an ICON. It needs to be iconic. That's why the
> most recent icon works the best IMO.

IMO, the latest gear icon from Ethan isn't as professional looking as his
previous incarnation of the gear. The drop shadow is cropped.  The edge of
the gear is all black, instead of shaded purple, which gives it a cheaper,
more cartoony look.  Perhaps Ethan just submitted an early vision of what
the icon will look like?

For instance, the way the gear looks in Wolfgang's version is much more
professional looking, IMO.  Work with that style of gear, but make it more
purple, like Ethan's.

> Although the pen details in the current TextMate beta are well done,
> the icon still lacks personality. Just right now I have 4 other icons
> in my dock that contains some sort of pad and pen, whereas the lone
> gear of the most recently submitted icon allows it standout and be
> retained in memory much more quickly. The saturation and strong
> contrast are also helpful in this.

I agree.  The lone, purple gear with TM somewhere on it would be the way to
go, but the latest gear from Ethan isn't there yet.  Getting closer, but
not there yet.  Combine the professional, polished aspects of Wolfgang's
icon with Ethan's gear and you'll have a very nice TM icon.

> Though another thing to think about, when I think about textmate, I
> don't necessarily think of it in abbreviated form as merely a T, I
> would think of it more as TM.


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