[TxMt] Why is text dragging not possible?

Ryan Schmidt textmate-2004 at ryandesign.com
Wed Feb 9 12:15:39 UTC 2005

On 09.02.2005, at 06:24, Paul McCann wrote:

>> My brain can't let go of the instinct to drag text.  Is there a way to
>> make it work?
> It *does* work, but you have to ensure that the cursor is an arrow
> before initiating the drag. That is, select the text, hold the mouse
> down while pointing at it and then "add a tiny pause". Then drag.
> Seems to be a Cocoa-ism! Adding the option key does the usual thing.


I love you. I have been having a very strained relationship with 
Mail.app ever since we met four years ago because I could not move or 
copy text by dragging. We know we need each other, but this problem has 
been a source of much pain. Thanks to you, I think Mail and I will 
finally be able to patch things up.

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