[TxMt] Inline PDF

Rob Walton rdwalton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 00:14:01 UTC 2005

Woah, quick response! Thanks.

I would like to be able to preview latex equations as I'm writing.  I
really like writing latex, but can't wrap my mind around all the
brackets in latex equations.  There is a service called "equation
service".  In the text editor, you highlight the text you would like
previewed and call the equation service.  It cuts the highlighted text
into the clipboard, turns it into a pdf, and then copies this into the
clipboard and pastes it into your document.  The result is that you
see a typset equation rather than a mess of latex code.  When it
creates the pdf, it stores the latex code you orignially typed in the
pdf.  This way, equation service can be recalled on the pdf preview,
this time replacing it with the orignal latex code so you can edit it.

Under emacs this functionality is provided by an addon called
preview-latex which is brilliant (
http://preview-latex.sourceforge.net/ ).  However, I'm fed up with
emacs and would like to try a cocoa based editor, as they are way more
easily applescripted.

The webpage for equation service is

- Rob

P.S. (I may have imagined  PDF Replacement Services.  The equation
service home page talks of a program either supporing or not "text ->
PDF services".  I have looked on apples developer site and found no
reference of this.)

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