[TxMt] Feature Request: Open Folder via Command-O

Torsten Becker torsten.becker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 15:25:15 UTC 2005

Hi Allan,

I know, you probably have to do other things concerning
TM development but I have one thing which I would like to
see because it now very often annoyed me:
   Opening a Folder via the Open-Menu.

It happens very often that I want so open several files at
once but the only way to do this is to mark them all in the
open-dialog via Command-A, but then I can't browse the sub-folders.

So my request is that I can fire up the open-dialog via
Command-O (like ATM) and then also can select folders
and start a new project this way.

Torsten Becker
(novaa on freenode)

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