[TxMt] Re: Re: Export selected text to HTML?

Chris Ruzin cruzin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 20:34:40 UTC 2005

Allan Odgaard wrote:

> There is, and you can reach the path of the bundle to which the command
> belong with $TM_BUNDLE_PATH, so basically just copy it to a bin
> directory of your bundle and call it as
> $TM_BUNDLE_PATH/bin/source-highlight -- though I don't think I should
> include this with TextMate (because it's then a binary distribution of
> a GNU source and I don't want to argue over whether or not TextMate is
> derived work of source-highlight etc.), but I probably should look into
> that system people are requesting about having a Quicksilver-inspired
> system where people can 'look for more bundles'.

I've now started putting together a bundle for this, but whenever I use the
$TM_BUNDLE_PATH, I get the following error:

/bin/bash: line 1: /Users/chris/Library/Application: No such file or

It looks like the $TM_BUNDLE_PATH isn't dealing with spaces correctly.  If I
manually add the path into the command, then it works.


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