[TxMt] Command Chooser?

Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Sun Feb 6 19:07:22 UTC 2005


Here's a suggestion that came to me this morning. How about applying 
the wonderful logic in the file chooser to commands and macros?  I was 
thinking of it being very much like Quicksilver for TextMate commands.

I love it that the number of Bundles for TextMate is growing so 
quickly!   What I don't like is that there is very little structure to 
the allocation of keyboard shortcuts.  Its very quickly becoming 
emacs-like in the number of option-command-control-foo key-combos one 
must remember.  I know they are all there in the menu system, but I 
prefer to not use the mouse very much when I'm writing and programming.

One thing I always like about emacs, was that I could type Meta-x and 
type in the the beginning of a command, hit space for auto-complete, 
maybe a couple more characters,  and I would have the command I was 
looking for.  I used this technique for a whole host of commands that I 
used fairly often, but not often enough to remember the keyboard 
shortcut.  I think you could easily go one better by applying your 
matching algorithm to macros and commands.  Another thing that I liked 
was that emacs was self-teaching in that it would often tell me the 
keystroke needed to activate the command I just typed, so that after 
seeing it a bunch of times I would just start to remember.


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