[TxMt] svnX 0.7 : fileMerge between Subversion revisions from TextMate

Dominique PERETTI dperetti at lachoseinteractive.net
Thu Feb 3 15:08:39 UTC 2005

Hi to all,

I finally took 2 minutes to make the yet unreleased 0.7 version of svnX 
available to you (not public yet).
You can download it here :


It has a new feature : you can invoke it from TextMate (via 
AppleScript) and be presented with a window with the different 
revisions of the edited file.
Here is an excerpt from the help file (Help menu).

Invoking svnX's diff window with Applescript

It allows you to use svnX's diff window from another application.

Usage :
tell application "svnX" to diff /absolute/path/to/the/file

TextMate example :

osascript -e 'set TM_FILEPATH to get system attribute "TM_FILEPATH"' -e 
'tell application "svnX" to diff TM_FILEPATH'

You can also invoke FileMerge to compare the file with the pristine 
copy (without displaying svnX's diff window, actually without even 
opening svnX) :

/usr/local/bin/svn diff --diff-cmd 
"/Applications/svnX.app/Contents/Resources/svndiff.sh" $TM_FILEPATH > 

More info about svnX here :

Dominique PERETTI
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