[TxMt] New Icon (was: Beta 4 & bundles)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Feb 2 17:37:23 UTC 2005

On Feb 2, 2005, at 4:57, Edmundo Ortega wrote:

> The new icon is good, but it's too close in theme to SubEthaEdit.

So that would be the “old” (beta 3) icon actually!?!

> So given the choice right now I think I'd have to go with Ethan's GEAR 
> icon. It's simple, fits the OS X look, looks good at small sizes, and 
> is well-designed and rendered.

I think Torstens icon has personality, which a gear lacks. But 
unfortunately the ghost is not easy to place on other icons (like 
document/plugin icons etc.), and it does perhaps remind one too much of 
SEE (which is not really bad, but could leave one with the impression 
that TM is playing catch-up to SEE by mimicking it's icon etc.).

> My only criticism is that the use of the 'T' initial seems a bit 
> trite. Nonetheless, the icon is bold and works well at small size, and 
> I'm having difficulty thinking of anything else that would be better 
> in that context.

I also like Ethan's gear. Justin showed me an enhanced version of it, 
still it easily blends in with a bright background, but I think Justin 
is communicating with Ethan about this.

If Ethan is okay with it, I may try it out for beta 6. None of this is 
official btw, I'm just giving each of the icons I like a week or so of 

And if you wonder why I say beta 6: 
http://macromates.com/blog/archives/2005/02/02/external-editor-api/ (so 
this will be beta 5, but I'll add a few other things also, so people 
not using the editor API will still see the benefit of updating ;) ).

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