[TxMt] New Icon (was: Beta 4 & bundles)

Edmundo Ortega ed at westernfreight.com
Wed Feb 2 03:57:55 UTC 2005

The new icon is good, but it's too close in theme to SubEthaEdit. So 
given the choice right now I think I'd have to go with Ethan's GEAR 
icon. It's simple, fits the OS X look, looks good at small sizes, and 
is well-designed and rendered.

My only criticism is that the use of the 'T' initial seems a bit trite. 
Nonetheless, the icon is bold and works well at small size, and I'm 
having difficulty thinking of anything else that would be better in 
that context.

The one upside of the original too-busy robot icon was that it 
effectively conveyed the automated yet friendly nature of TextMate.


On Feb 1, 2005, at 7:41 PM, Juan Anorga wrote:

> I also agree that the new icon is an improvement over the previous.
> But I must say that Ethan Dunham's icon on the wiki is really nice
> too.
> - juan

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