[TxMt] Making pretty pdf's with LaTeX

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Tue Feb 1 23:28:26 UTC 2005

Now that it seems we all need to use the i-Installer TeX distro in 
order to play nicely with TextMate, I'd like to recomend people to 
install the TeX CM-Super package also found with i-Installer. This 
basically makes pdflatex (and dvips etc.) store Type-1 fonts in the 
created pdf's and ps's, instead of on-demand created bitmap fonts from 
metafont sources (which is default).

True those bitmap fonts are usually high-DPI (sometimes 600), but
a) Most viewers on X11 _hate_ bitmap fonts, and display a crappy result 
even for 600dpi fonts.
b) When you zoom, you see the edges starting to show.
c) Vektor fonts are _always_ preferable IMO, and might even take up 
less space :-).

Just install the package and it will be used automatically. Note: It's 
a rather big download.

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