[TxMt] New Icon (was: Beta 4 & bundles)

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Tue Feb 1 22:21:31 UTC 2005

On 1. feb 2005, at 18:43, Kim Friesen wrote:

> I really like the new icon on 1.1b4.  I found the previous PurpleBlob 
> icon really stood out (unnaturally ) on the Dock and when Cmd-Tabbing.

Good... but Kim, please heed the following next time:
> For new threads USE THIS: textmate at lists.macromates.com
> (threading gets destroyed and the universe will collapse if you don't)
> http://lists.macromates.com/mailman/listinfo/textmate

..and threading was indeed destroyed in this case :-).  Although...  
the universe seems ok so far, from my point of view.

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