[TxMt] esc auto-complete?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Tue Feb 1 21:42:37 UTC 2005

On Feb 1, 2005, at 18:47, Simon Gregory wrote:

> I'm trying to add a few snippets to the Actionscript bundle to include 
> some of the shortcuts that Actionscript developers would be used to 
> after coding in Flash.

Great, let me know if you want access to the repository. The current 
ActionScript bundle has no maintainer (but is by Rob Bevan).

> I've got the tab completion working fine but I'm used to pressing esc 
> then the key combination to invoke an auto complete and was hoping 
> that someone could tell me how to get this working.

That's not currently possible, other than recoding a macro that does 
'tab' and bind that to the escape key.

> If you've time then an explanation of Activation: Key Equivalent

This is a _single_ key (with optional modifiers).

> and Activation: Input Pattern would also be useful as I can't find any 
> documentation.

Input pattern is not working yet. What it will be is a non-greedy 
regular expression matched against the typed input. Mainly useful for 
having macros executed on certain editing patterns. For example the XML 
bundle has a snippet that expands to: “<$1></$1>”. Here one could match 
“expansion of this snippet”, “giving the tag a name”, “pressing return 
inside the tag (w/o typing anything)”. The macro would then add indent 
and move the end tag down an extra line.

This coupled with the upcoming scope system (which will be able to 
limit the activation methods to specific language elements) will allow 
for some pretty neat stuff ;)

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