[TxMt] TextMate's Missing Snippets Palette

Chris Messina factoryjoe at factorycity.net
Tue Feb 1 19:51:20 UTC 2005

I would also like to be able to drag n' drop a snippet onto a selection 
and have the snippet wrap around my selection. Also, inline editing of 
the snippet (if you widened my mockup) would be cool (a la track name 
editing in iTunes).


Mats Persson wrote:

> I've thought about this idea, and I agree that it would be good to 
> have a sort of "Crib sheet" of available snippets within the current 
> mode, as when you have a lot of them - like me - their triggers tend 
> to get muddled up in my mind.
> Ideally it would follow Chris' second mock-up as it would be better to 
> work with and be a floating-on-top window.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Additionally, It would be great if you could have some text selected 
> in the main editor window and then just click the "New" (snippet) 
> button and have that code added as a snippet with a default name.
> Double-clicking on the snippet name in the window would open up the 
> snippet editor window.
> Just my 2 pence added.
> Kind regards,
> Mats
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