[TxMt] Atomic Saving / Saving Question

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Tue Feb 1 12:09:31 UTC 2005

On 1. feb 2005, at 13:08, Ollivier Robert wrote:

> According to Sune Foldager:
>> The disadvantage of atomic saves (for some), is that the file gets a
>> new inode-number each time which will break hard-links and might upset
>> aliases if they are not pointing correctly.
> The advantage is that with GNU arch/bazaar which use hard-linking to a
> central revision library (to speed up access and avoid wasting space) 
> you
> can use TM.  When one modifies a given file, in that case you MUST 
> break
> hard links.

Yes, for some it's good that it breaks, for some it's bad :-p.

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