[TxMt] XCode like behaviour and hyperlink problem

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Wed Dec 21 17:30:17 UTC 2005

On Dec 21, 2005, at 10:11 AM, Dave Baldwin wrote:
> 1.  I would like the run script command (command R) to save all  
> files and run my designated 'main' file - this may not be the one  
> that is currently open.  This is what Xcode does and while I could  
> write a macro to do this it would seem a generally useful thing to  
> have built in.
You can probably do what we do in the LaTeX bundle. In there, you can  
define a project specific environment variable, in that case  
TM_LATEX_MASTER, and have that be used if it is set, via a command like:
and then using "$M" whenever you need to. Take a look at the "Typeset  
& View (PDF)" command in the LaTeX bundle.
As for saving all files in project, you can set that as the "Save:"  
option in the command editing window. As I understand it, it is not  
currently set up because this way you  an execute a Ruby  script even  
if it is not saved, by saving it in a temporary directory, as the  
current command does. So I would consider this a separate command,  
preferably associated to cmd-B (for build).
> 2.  When I run script (command R) in my 'main' ruby file I get an  
> error window popping up, but when I click on any of the hyper links  
> a blank file is opened, rather the one identified in the error  
> line.  The file in error is in the project.
I believe that we do that also in the LaTeX bundle, same command. Not  
sure how we accomplish it though. I think there is a script doing  
that, but I haven't looked into it too closely.
> I have looked in the Ruby bundle, but what is going on is a mystery  
> to me.
What part of the Ruby bundle are you referring to?
> Thanks for any help,
> Dave.


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