[OT] Re: [TxMt] Trouble with editing remote files

Ollivier Robert roberto+textmate at keltia.freenix.fr
Wed Aug 31 09:09:44 UTC 2005

According to Graeme Mathieson:
> system; subversion[2] and arch[3] can both be acquired through  
> DarwinPorts or Fink.  Personally I use Subversion for everything I  

Semi-OT: Arch1 in its tla incarnation is more or less dead per Tom Lord's
mail recently. revc (aka Arch2) is at the same status. The « officially
blessed » successor to tla is now bazaar 1.x[1] while waiting for bazaar 2
(aka bzr aka bazaar-ng[2]) to be usable (in a few months).

In the meantime, I've found another alternative, Mercurial[3].  Written in
Python (like bzr & codeville), changing fast but very very usable right

I intend to write a Mercurial bundle soon, when I get some time... 
[1] http://bazaar.canonical.com/
[2] http://bazaar-ng.org/
[3] http://selenic.com/mercurial/
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