[TxMt] Dvorak/Querty Keyboard Layout

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Wed Aug 31 00:33:56 UTC 2005

On Aug 30, 2005, at 7:19 PM, Gerd Knops wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 30, at 2:24 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> I haven't seen any way to do things like, ask for characters  
>> without modifiers except the command key, which would seem to be  
>> the proper way to handle this.
>> I don't suppose anyone on this list knows how about this?

I can't say that I fully understand the mechanism by which Dvorak- 
Qwerty is supposed to work, but TM isn't alone in having problems  
with it:


> It wouldn't be as easy as the '- (NSString *) 
> charactersIgnoringModifiers' method in NSEvent?

If I understand correctly, Allan's already using it. What he needs is  
-[NSEvent charactersIgnoringModifiers:(int)modifiersToIgnoreMask].  
Also, an obvious solution such as:

if [event modifierFlags] & NSCommandKeyMask
     [event characters]
     [event charactersIgnoringModifiers]

... may not work for TM's purposes because of the other translations  
performed inside charactersIgnoringModifiers.


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