[TxMt] <? $0 ?> autocomplete

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Aug 28 12:29:40 UTC 2005

On 28/08/2005, at 13.09, Douglas Livingstone wrote:

> Whereabouts does the autocomplete for '<' (which inserts a '>') live?

This is smart-typing, which is setup for HTML in the Miscellaneous  
preferences item (bundle editor).

It only works with single character pairs though.

> I'm trying to extend it to autocomplete to <? ?> and <% %>. Example,
> [...]
> Any ideas?

What you can do is, create a snippet e.g. like this: ?php $0 ?

This is what I presume you want inserted when you press ? (after  
having typed <). So you set the key equivalent of that snippet to ?,  
but since you only want it after <, you set the scope to:  
invalid.illegal.incomplete.html (that's how the <> thing is currently  
scoped, you can verify this by placing the caret on the pair and (in  
b16) press ctrl-shift T (to see the exact scope)).

Then when you press ? with the caret inside <>, it'll insert the  
snippet above. You can do similar for % (here the snippet would be %  
$0 % or maybe just %$0%).

And starting from b17 (I'll most likely release this in 2-3 days),  
placeholders can be nested, so the php snippet from above can instead  
be: ?${1:php $0 }? -- this means after pressing ?, the "php  " part  
is selected, and you can overwrite it (e.g. with =), or you can press  
tab again to get to the inner tab stop (but as mentioned, this is b17).

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