[TxMt] [ANN] ImageBrowser - browse images in a project

textmate at mac.com textmate at mac.com
Thu Aug 25 07:02:44 UTC 2005

To the TextMate Community,

In the SVN repository you will find a new bundle called  
ImageBrowser.tmbundle. ImageBrowser opens a new HTML window with a  
list of all images (and their dimensions) located in or beneath the  
directory of currently open document. There is also a preview pane  
for zooming in/out on the image. Opening ImageBrowser is (by default)  
set to ctrl+shift+p.

The bundle has noticeable shortcomings; hopefully we can work  
together to resolve them. For instance, clicking on a thumbnail  
currently inserts the relative filepath into the frontmost document.  
Hopefully this behaviour will change to something more sophisticated,  
like inserting a snippet or something clever; suggestions welcome!


Rich Barton

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