[TxMt] Half Window View - Extra Space in Text Window

Ivan hyperseeker at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 03:46:03 UTC 2005


Half window view is like adding "virtual space" in text windows to
push the last line to the middle of the windows. It behaviors as if
you have added a couple of returns at the end of the document. I hate
to see all the lines in the viewing area pushed up everytime I hit
return or softwrap to the next line. With half window views, the lines
only get pushed up every half window instead of every line.

I use this feature a lot in vim and TextWrangler. In vim, it can have
any number of virtual space (denoted by tildes), which I think it's
better implentation than TextWrangler, which allow you to choose
"none", "half", or "full" only. However, I will be happy with just one
option, half window view.

Anyway, I just want to bounce the idea to other users.


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