[TxMt] Drag'n'drop delay

minimal.design work at minimaldesign.net
Tue Aug 23 02:57:53 UTC 2005

>> Although the problem might not effect a majority of the TextMate
>> users (how many people use tablets for everything on their
>> computer?), it is still a very fundamental part of the feature
>> set.  That's why I believe it deserves a little attention (read:
>> "slider" :)
> Sorry to be blunt, but this idea strikes me as absurd ;)
> a) you will be able to disable re-selection in b17 (see my other
> letter on the subject)
> b) if Mail doesn't have the problem, clearly it's just a matter of
> replicating what Mail does, rather than let the user work it out by
> disabling features.

What's absurd is your "blunt" answer to what was clearly a joke...   
The *main* point was that even though it might not affect a lot of  
people, I still hoped it would be considered important enough not to  
be dropped all the way down at the bottom of the feature request  
list. That's all...  Ho well...
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