[TxMt] [feature request] back & forward buttons / history steps

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 05:03:19 UTC 2005

The feature of all mac apps that I use the most is search.  
Specifically find selection & find again. I use that feature to step  
through every instance of that selection throughout my code. One  
feature that I would love to see is a back button for selections.

Every time you do a search or scroll through your document & select  
something, to get back to the last thing you were working on you have  
to have set a bookmark & remember which bookmark you were last  
looking at, or you have to manually find that place in your code again.

I work on other peoples old janky ASP 'classic' and quickly slapped  
together ASP.NET code on a deadline. Anything to help me make quick  
work of navigating through the (massive mountain of fetid spaghetti)  
code the better.

If there was a way for the program to note every time you move the  
selection more than 'a little bit' & log that information  
sequentially, all you'd have to do to get back to what you were last  
looking at would be to hit the back button. bam bam... done, no  

I know the system is extremely extensible, i'm sure there is some way  
for me to 'roll my own' system for doing something similar.
(1) I'd need a command to get the current input location row & column
(2) log that information somewhere
(3) a command to get the last input location from 'wherever' and then
(4) a command to set the input location to 'that location'

??? I think i could figure all this out with applescript and bbedit,  
but i'm still rather green when it comes to hard-core UNIX hacking.  
Anyone have any suggestions? ??

IDEA: Maybe a quickie version of it would be to undo the last edit,  
which would take me back to the last place I was, but then redo my  
last action without moving the input location so I don't lost any  
work. hmm...

Maybe there's another solution to my problems that i haven't  
considered. What does everyone else do?

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