[TxMt] search and replace

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 04:41:58 UTC 2005

On Aug 21, 2005, at 11:23 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 19/08/2005, at 7.54, Ivan wrote:
>>> It would be so, so nice though if the find in project dialogue  
>>> had larger
>>> text boxes. [...]
>> how abou making the find dialogue to be a resizable window?
> I also need to switch input control, so that return inserts a  
> return (with the current input boxes one needs to use option  
> return) -- I do have on my to-do that there should be some sort of  
> toggle button/unfold arrow to switch between single-line/multi-line.
> Until then, for those who are unaware, cmd-E copies the selection  
> to the find clipboard, so one can write the find string in the main  
> text editor, select it, and press cmd-E (cmd-G can be used to find  
> the string currently on the find clipboard).

The feature i use the absolute most in the system is cmd-E cmd-G,  
it's like using your current document like a wiki. You wont to step  
through every instance of your selection in the document? done! bam- 
bam-bam. back.

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