[TxMt] [ feature request ] dragging text selection - customizable hold time

minimal.design work at minimaldesign.net
Thu Aug 18 13:02:59 UTC 2005

Me again and my complaints about dragging selected text...

I realize that I have to click+hold a little bit before I can drag  
but it doesn't work reliably, at least not with a graphic tablet  
(don't know about mouse, haven't used one of those in a while ;),  
sometime I can hold, sometime it just deselects everything right  
away...  Was this delay before drag implemented on purpose?  Would it  
be possible/difficult to add a pref in future release such as a  
slider to select the duration of this holding time (going all the way  
down to 0)?

It really is frustrating, at least for an Intuos user... ;)


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