[TxMt] feature request: on-the-fly-bundles?

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 21:13:35 UTC 2005

I want all my variables to be colored. I'm coding in ASP & there is  
no $ @ or any easy way to define what variables look like.
I can the first word after the work DIM (or comma delimitated list or  
words) (DIM being the create_a_variable deal in asp) but it only  
colors that instance of the word.

I would like textMate to search my page for all words after the word  
DIM & add them to the bundle as variables, but only for this file.  
Therefor creating on-the-fly bundles.
This could extend out to listing all the varables or functions or  
whatever with a command or some such thing.
Maybe a way to manually select something & define that selection as a  
scope for this document only, therefore applying that scope to all  
instances of that text.
That would allow for something like a hilight-all-instances-of-the- 
current-selection command with shortcut. AWESOME!

You could define them either on a page basis or a project basis, or  
even add it as a permanent change to an existing or new bundle.

oh yeah!

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