[TxMt] slow textmate on windows share

Jon Hart jhart at starrtechmail.com
Tue Aug 16 20:24:10 UTC 2005

Bart Bons|Debster wrote:

> I made a project of some files I have on a WIndows share (my server).  
> Now, every time I go to another program and then switch back to  
> TextMate it take about 7 secs before I can continue typing. It  
> probably verifies something on the server. Is there a way to prevent  
> this from happening?

There is a note somewhere ( in the wiki? ) about reducing the number of 
files you are working with. I had 60,000 files in a project on a windows 
share and it would take 5+ minutes to check them all.

It would be nice if the network check was a background task, that we 
could set the interval on. Im quite happy for textmate to trawl through 
my share continually, and slowly. Alternatively, at least in windows, 
the directory modification date changes if its immediate contents have 
changed. If the directory modification dates were cached then my project 
would only need to examine 400 or so directories.

Another side effect of huge shared directories is that it takes a long 
time to add them to a new project.
I got around this by making a generic project that holds all my code, 
and then copying it for each sub project as I started work on it. This 
reveals the problem that you cant prune directories from the project ( 
the changes dont get saved ). The only effective way to build projects  
at the moment is from scratch.

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