[TxMt] enhance live preview

salvo salvo at scicli.com
Tue Aug 16 18:22:58 UTC 2005

Hi all,

TextMate is everyday more complete and perhaps the best editor!

Only a little request for me (Allan has already added some nice  
features, like command to convert accented chars to entities, and so  
on): to enhance the live preview a bit.
It already shows javascript, but it would be nice it show also php  
output (like TacoHTMLEdit do) and - why not? - also perl (and cgi)  
output, without install pages on /localhost.
With Taco we can edit a little page with javascript and php  
everywhere (on desktop, hi), control it with preview and then install  
in /Sites.
TextMate could show in its preview not only javascript and css, but  
also php (perl?), so we can also simulate Dreamweaver :-)

Thanks Allan and the whole team!


Salvo M.

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