[TxMt] folding issue with loop ... end loop (vhdl bundle)

Peter Vohmann pvohmann at mac.com
Mon Aug 15 12:22:20 UTC 2005

Hello Mates,

Folding is probably what drives me with open arms to you, guys.
If I'm getting it to work, that is.

A pathological case is this vhdl construct:

             exit when signal='1';
         end loop;

My first attempt looks like this (just longer):

     foldingStartMarker = "(?i:(loop|case|if))";
     foldingStopMarker = "(?i:end)";

But this does not work, because  the "loop" also matches the stopMarker!
TextMate will not mark the end line at all, and get quite screwed up
in building its folds. The same for "end if", "end case", to name a few.

Any reasonable ideas how to write a foldingStartMarker pattern
that will _not_ trigger on the final line?


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