[TxMt] Question about Rails syntax highlighting

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Thu Aug 11 15:51:36 UTC 2005

> Sorry if this is Obvious Question #37... but I swear TM used to  
> have Rails-specific syntax highlighting and that disappeared (is  
> this possible?) in one of the recent betas or something. When I  
> look at my Language selection, I only see Ruby.
> Am I crazy? Wasn't there a Rails one? Can I just grab that from  
> somewhere? It seemed to highlight more detailed and specific syntax  
> than Ruby does....

Window -> Show Bundle Editor -> Change Filtering...

You can turn on/off bundles there as needed, Rails defaults to off.

It actually uses the same syntax as ruby, but adds a few rails  
functions that it highlights; and best of all the Rails snippets.

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