[TxMt] Merging mine with yours

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Thu Aug 11 13:46:27 UTC 2005

> My suggested way to deal with bundles is to create a Custom bundle  
> where you keep your own stuff.
> And when possible, rather than edit a default item, duplicate it  
> and make changes to the copy.

That would mean also removing the (tab) trigger of the original then?  
It would be good to be able to copy entire languages, as it is now,  
if I want to edit a default snippet I have to copy it, remove the  
trigger of the original and move the copy (by drag and drop?) to the  
new destination. Granted, this isn't something one might do often,  
but it feels a bit clumsy.
Is there any better way I missed? (btw, love the possibility to make  
drag commands, not that I'll use it much but it bears witness to the  
strength of TM)


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