[TxMt] ASP.net & SQL bundle

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 11:10:50 UTC 2005

is anybody working on an ASP.net bundle? Specifically, VB.NET
i've got some work-arounds to make the regular ASP bundle work for  
it, but there are still a few niggling problems.

I'm just getting started with all this fancyness & don't really have  
much time to mess with stuff. I have a custom color theme done & i've  
made some snippets & commands. I'm addicted to macros.

I work in an all windows office (we actually just got a macMini  
server for the 'blog') so I've got to deal with a lot of 'classic'  
ASP 3 & poorly written ASP.net code.

In the mean time i've got this workaround to make serverside script  
tags work like <% ... %> tags.
This takes advantage of the fact that the ASP language bundle  
incorrectly ignores the closing %> tag if preceded by a  
comment_this_line character "'" (what 'tard came up with the idea of  
using a quote mark as a comment_this_line character!?!?!1!).
So, nobody fix that problem without also making an ASP.net bundle,  

<%'textmate fix for ASP.NET script tag' %>
<script runat="server">
<!-- ''<%'textmate fix for ASP.NET script tag'
%> -->

i know you're all thinking: "coding ASP.net on a mac, what are you a  
ANSWER: It's better than the alternative. (IE: using a PC to code  
Is there anyone working on an advanced version of the SQL language  
module? The current one is... not good. (isn't it nice to know that  
your efforts are being appreciated? :D)

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