[TxMt] Emacs-like Toggle-behavior for cmd-T, Keyboard-driven tab reordering

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley katokop1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 00:53:33 UTC 2005

> If I'm in file A I use cmd-T to open file B, when done, I press
> cmd-W, and I'm back to A, if I need B again, I do cmd-T and
> return (which is already on B).

The problem I have with this is the asymmetry of the action.  It
forces me to think about which half of the toggle I'm on, rather than
just doing it without thinking.

> If I need to go back and forth a lot, I use the option-cmd left/right of course.

And the problem with this is that it breaks down if I leave more than
1 or 2 files open at a time, since then the file to which I'm
switching probably already has a tab open which may well not be
adjacent to the previous file.  This is precisely what motivated the
mention of keyboard control for reordering tabs, though I think in all
truth I'm just not much of a tabs person in general, outside my
browser, and ultimately (when plugins materialize and I can just write
my own buffer switcher, if necessary) I may want to disable the tabs
altogether (blasphemy!).

> I've changed it so that w/o a filtering string, it sorts items based
> on last time used.

Do you mean it's already in 1.1b16 or that you just changed it in
development?  It doesn't seem to me to be doing that in b16, so I
trust that's not what you meant (though I may have misunderstood how
it works)...

> I don't clear the filter string when pressing cmd-T -- but with your
> usage, you'd probably just have it cleared most of the time anyway.

Well, I still like to be able to choose files explicitly this way, as
well, but it's definitely a huge start.  Since you leave the previous
filter string selected on pressing cmd-T it's pretty trivial to just
hit delete, so, since the exact usage of this window is of course a
matter of personal preference, I'll leave further exploration of its
subtleties to future discussion and reflection.

> And it has been on the to-do for some time -- but all this project
> stuff is really scheduled for 1.2.

Rock on.  I don't mean to prod you unnecessarily with any of this,
it's just the reality of spending >8 hours/day working in an app that,
as polished as it is, one always thinks of a plethora of tweaks and
enhancements in the course of a day's work.  I just spam the list
whenever one of these thoughts develops into a more clear form, so the
flurry of requests and ideas at any given moment is in no way meant to
be urgent or demanding.  And your phenomenal responsiveness certainly
doesn't discourage frequent suggestions ;)

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