[TxMt] The shelf.

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley katokop1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 07:17:04 UTC 2005

This all relates to a smaller issue I've been having with recent betas:

While they remember exact window position and drawer open/closed
state, tmproj files seem to forget which side their drawer was
actually on when they were saved.  I find this particularly irritating
for the reason Hans Petter points out -- I can't stand having the
drawer on the right side ;), which seems to be the new, more
strongly-held default.  Sure, I can move the window over to the right
edge of the screen and close/open the drawer to force it back to the
left, but this hardly seems appropriate, if only it could remember the
exact state of the drawer in the project file (not just open/closed).

Not ultra high priority, but fairly simple and quite annoying (and I
wonder, why wasn't this a problem before ~b14?).

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