[TxMt] Converting BBEdit glossaries (was: TextMate Question)

Allan Odgaard support at macromates.com
Sun Aug 7 18:51:19 UTC 2005

On 07/08/2005, at 15.24, Jeff Powell wrote:

[ I have cc'ed the mailing list since the info provided may be useful  
to others as well ]

> How then do I take this glossary from BBEdit and copy it over to  
> the TextMate drawer.

I'm not familiar with BBEdit's glossary functionality, but I  
downloaded some example glossaries and made a perl script which  
converts these to TextMate snippets (placing them in a bundle).

You run it with the folder containing a set of glossary items as  
argument. It will then create a tmbundle named after this folder,  
containing the items in the folder (as snippets). It removes  
#indent#, converts the #placeholderstart/end# to TM-notation for  
placeholders, does the proper escapes, and saves this as a property  
list (the format used for TM snippets) in the created bundle.

It uses the first word of the filename (in lowercase) as the tab- 
trigger. And you can supply a scope to be used for the script by  
using -s <scope> as first argument.

So for example I downloaded Marc's Bourne Shell Glossary. After  
mounting the disk image I ran this command from Terminal:

./glossary_to_snippet.perl -s source.shell '/Volumes/Bourne Shell  
Glossary.sh 1.0/Bourne Shell Glossary.sh'

Then (re)start TextMate, and there's a new bundle named “Bourne Shell  
Glossary” which contain the snippets.

This (TextMate) bundle is placed in ~/Library/Application Support/ 
TextMate/Bundles -- from Finder you'll need to use Show Package  
Contents to inspect the bundle, but you can drag it to TextMate to  
have a look at the contents.

I hope this provides you with enough details to convert your  
glossaries. If you're not familiar with what the scope is, I  
recommend this blog posting [1].

Kind regards Allan

[1] http://macromates.com/blog/archives/2005/07/06/introduction-to- 

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